D. Camp Incubation of Wizpace

D. Camp: “Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs”

Wizpace was first accepted into the D. Camp program April 1st of 2018. D. Camp is one of the most prestigious start-up incubation programs in Korea, and only accepts an extremely limited number of candidates in the program. Over 18 Korean banks have contributed a total of 500 billion won to help create jobs by supporting the younger generation of entrepreneurs. D. Camp is the largest start-up foundation in Korea and was established on May 30, 2012.

Furthermore, D. Camp supports various ecosystems of start-ups by connecting the three key ecosystems of the start-up ecosystem: Investment, Space, and Network.

Through the D. Camp program Wizpace has benefitted from many opportunities. Wizpace was given desk space in the D. Camp start-up office, as well as, access to all of the co-working spaces. D. Camp is situated in Gangnam-Gu, across from the historical Royal Joseon Tombs.

D. Camp (Wizpace’s Profile): https://dcamp.kr/startup/15547

D. Camp Introduction: https://dcamp.kr/startup/15547