Lecture Day: D-Camp and Founder of Daum


Lecturer: Taekkyung Lee (이택경)

Founder and Former CTO of Daum

Present CEO of MashUp Angles

About Seed Round Investment

This week we received wonderful advice from Taekkyung Lee (founder of Daum) about Seed Round Investments in a meeting at D-Camp. His valuable advice covered many things from how to choose the right investors to wisely selecting the right time to fundraise. 


DIANA is a data intelligence and analytics marketing tool that simplifies the life of any online marketer by using algorithm-driven data.

The following media outlets are available to be advertised through DIANA: Facebook, Naver, Google AdWords, Kakao, and more. In addition, the login process for each channel is linked to the API.

Through DIANA we provide our customers with a detailed analysis for each advertisement we market. In addition, our marketing experts give advertising advice to the companies we provide for. Furthermore, DIANA increases the efficiency of an advertisement in order to get the most exposure for a business.

DIANA Hompage: https://www.diana.business

EOS Hackathon: Hong Kong

This past weekend Wizpace had an eventful business trip to Hong Kong which resulted in being an enriching experience for the team. Non-stop from Saturday to Sunday, the team focused on developing an app at the EOS Hackathon competition. It was a great step of exposing our company to the international sector.

Additionally, Wizpace had business meetings in Hong Kong and enjoyed some “extra-curricular” fun. For some of the team members, it was their first time to Hong Kong and they loved everything from the food to the melting pot culture. Here’s a snippet of all the fun our team had on our business trip.

Cool mirrored EOSIO pic
Clear zoomed in EOS overview
3 group airport

Wan Chai rooftop bar view
HK daytime overview