Field trip to 선릉과 정릉

As a team, we eat lunch together every day; yesterday we had a yummy spicy Korean soup with beef. After lunch, we got coffee and french macaroons in a flea market close to our office. While we were enjoying our coffee and snacks the CEO of our company (MinKyu Cho) suggested us to visit the Royal Joseon Tombs (선릉과 정릉) together. This was a really cool cultural “park” which is located across the street from our office in Gangnam. While we were walking in the park together I got to learn more Korean language as MinKyu explained Korean words and phrases to me. The whole team had a wonderful time together sharing and learning about Korean culture today.

Every day from our office we look out upon these Royal Joseon Tombs, however, today we received the opportunity to explore and learn about them with our CEO. Korean culture never ceases to amaze and astonish me. I really appreciate and I am happy to have a boss like MinKyu who truly cares about his employees.



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