Samsung SDS


Back in October 2018, Wizpace received the honourable opportunity of moving into Samsung SDS. Furthermore, Samsung SDS was interested in hosting Wizpace because of the decentralized blockchain project we have started independently called DEXEOS. Blockchain technology has gained so much popularity in the last few years and Samsung wants to see if we could be of use to them since we have great knowledge in this field.

From our time spent at Samsung SDS so far, we at Wizpace have learned so much from working in the blockchain sphere and are always excited when we get to talk with the Samsung blockchain experts.  

Additionally, through our experience in Samsung SDS we have had many opportunities for networking and events. In November, one of our team members Sangok Lee spoke on behalf of what our company is specifically doing in blockchain technology. In detail, he spoke about what we have had to face and how we have succeeded. As mentioned above, Samsung SDS has assigned us a blockchain project in which we are on a mission to complete. Working in Samsung SDS has not only brought us opportunities, but also knowledge.