Samsung SDS & Swedish Ambassador Meeting

This week, Wizpace had a collaborative meeting at their office with the Samsung SDS Open Innovation Team and “Team Sweden.” (Team Sweden comprises of the Swedish Embassy, Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Business Sweden.) The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Korea seeks to further the collective interests of Swedish businesses operating in Korea. Business Sweden helps Swedish companies grow sales, and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. Moreover, this particular meeting’s attendees were Peter Kim (Securitas), Jakob Hallgren (Swedish Ambassador for Korea), Richard Malin (Höganäs), Anders Hektor (Science and Innovation Counselor), and Elenore Kanter (Deputy Head of Mission). The purpose was to visit John (Co-founder of Wizpace) and also learn about blockchain at the same time.

The meeting started out with John explaining the company’s background and how he ended up living in Korea. Initially, his business started an advertisement cupholder business in Korea. With this business, Wizpace advertised for clients such as H&M and other companies. Wizpace later evolved to develop Diana, a digital marketing service that enhances advertisement’s exposure through effective digital marketing.

The way Diana operates is by strategically placing targeted advertisements on Naver, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Furthermore, one of Diana’s clients is (a housing rental service offering student-friendly prices). Next, John delved into how Wizpace got involved with blockchain during the summer of 2018. From this, the Wizpace team went to attend the first EOS hackathon in Hong Kong during June of 2018. During the Hong Kong hackathon, Wizpace received a great amount of praise. Thus, Wizpace created and launched DEXEOS (the world’s very first decentralized exchange on the EOS platform) on August 1st, 2018.

After John explained Wizpace’s mission and how the company got involved with blockchain technology the Samsung SDS Open Innovation Lead Engineers (Jisoo Kim and Dror Gabot) entered the room. Thereafter, John turned the direction of the discussion to the differences between various blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. The entire meeting room was highly intrigued by the information they were receiving regarding the blockchain technology.

Moreover, Dror expressed excitement regarding Samsung’s involvement during the early adoption of blockchain technology, as Samsung has already created its own centralized blockchain called Nexledger. In addition, Dror explained some of the differences between centralized and decentralized blockchains.

The Samsung SDS Open Innovation Team overviews Samsung’s incubation projects, and Wizpace was the first team to ever be accepted into the Korean program. The reason Wizpace was selected to be apart of the program was because of the unique experience the company gained from working on the EOS blockchain. Thus, Wizpace could provide Samsung SDS with interesting insights and help regarding the structuring of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the Samsung SDS Open Innovation Team plans to incubate more projects in the future and has found Wizpace useful.

Overall, the meeting with Team Sweden and Samsung SDS bloomed into a collectively engaging and dynamic discussion. Samsung SDS mentioned an interest in collaborating with Team Sweden in the future. On top of everything, John was asked to join the board for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.


DEXEOS, the first decentralized exchange on the EOS Blockchain, is powered by the Wizpace team. The DEXEOS project was first launched on August 1st, 2018; and was welcomed with great admiration throughout the world in the blockchain sphere. The DEXEOS team members traveled throughout the world and made many valuable partnerships with other fellow decentralized applications. The blockchain business trips not only led to greater recognition for DEXEOS, but also the company gained knowledge regarding the progression of blockchain overall. Therefore, during the fall season, Samsung scouted Wizpace and incubated us into Samsung SDS.

What is special about a decentralized exchange?

A decentralized exchange is an exchange which operates on a blockchain; therefore, fundamentally offering transparent transactional history since everything is recorded on the public blockchain ledger.

What can you do on DEXEOS?

  1. DEXEOS provides an EOS Blockchain Account creation tool.
  2. DEXEOS provides a decentralized trading platform in which users have the choice of trading between over 50 cryptocurrency tokens.
  3. DEXEOS provides EOS Staking.

Want to learn more about DEXEOS?

Visit the DEXEOS homepage: DEXEOS


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The Hdac Hackathon

This week Wizpace participated in the Hdac Hackathon competition and won 7,000,000 KRW!!! This particular competition was sponsored by Hyundai and The Halla Group. The Hdac Hackathon was a blockchain event for creative minds and companies to share their groundbreaking ideas. Thank you Hdac and we are excited for the future of blockchain!

Co-founder, Minkyu Cho, speaking at The Hdac Hackathon.
Wizpace won the 7,000,000 KRW prize at The Hdac Hackathon.