Lotte World and Company Dinner

December 2019— Wizpace went to Lotte World for the Company Workshop Day. We started out the day meeting in the Lotte Mall at 11 am and grabbed some brunch. Afterwards, we went together to the amusement park in Seoul called Lotte World.

The whole team was excited as we ran around the park riding roller coasters and getting to know our fellow employees on a deeper level. The point of this company workshop was to thank the team for their hard work from throughout the year and to grow the relationships between the employees.

Lotte World + Wizpace Team

After the team was done with the coasters and churros at Lotte World. It was time to run to the company dinner near the amusement park. Furthermore, some partners of Wizpace planned to join our company dinner.

회식 = Company Dinner in Korean

After many laughs and having a lovely time with the greater team we finished the night with having a successful Company Workshop Day.

Company Workshop

This past Sunday, we had a fantastic time during our company fun day! John, Jusung, Sangok, Jeongyun, and Kristin attended this event!


First, the team met up at the iPark Mall near Yongsan Station. We grabbed dinner at Shybana (an American restaurant). We ordered chili spaghetti, cheeseburger rice, fried chicken salad, mac & cheese, and beef stew soup. The salad ended up being a surprise hit for everyone, thus, we ended up ordering an additional dish! Next, we went straight to the movie theater concession stand to buy popcorn and soda! Here in Korea, you can ask for two different flavors of popcorn in one bucket—having a divider in the middle! We chatted for a bit before the movie started.

Furthermore, we watched the hit movie “Mission: Impossible Fallout”. This film was filled with adventure, excitement, and a sprinkle of love. Now I need to go watch the four previous films.



Business Lunch

Every day our whole company eats lunch together and today we ate at an American restaurant in Gangnam called The Apron! Typically, we like to eat at Korean or Japanese restaurants, however, we spiced things up today. The Apron is right around the corner from our office at D.Camp in Gangnam. At the restaurant, our team tried lots of different foods such as a pulled pork sandwich, quesadilla, burrito, baked meatballs, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon bowl, and various burgers. This restaurant was definitely a great place for the company to gather to brainstorm and eat.