The Hdac Hackathon

This week Wizpace participated in the Hdac Hackathon competition and won 7,000,000 KRW!!! This particular competition was sponsored by Hyundai and The Halla Group. The Hdac Hackathon was a blockchain event for creative minds and companies to share their groundbreaking ideas. Thank you Hdac and we are excited for the future of blockchain!

Co-founder, Minkyu Cho, speaking at The Hdac Hackathon.
Wizpace won the 7,000,000 KRW prize at The Hdac Hackathon.

Competition: A Big Think

This past Friday, John-Ting Li (CEO of Wizpace) participated in “A Big Think” competition held at the Google Campus in Seoul. John amazed the judges and won the prized 1st place. The judges were comprised of Korean government officials and business owners. Moreover, winning this competition is a great honor and will absolutely benefit Wizpace’s bright future.

The following link has more information about this competition:

John-Ting Li (Co-founder) awarded 1st place.
Wizpace has collaborated with businesses such as Neowiz, Ikea, H&M, D.Camp, etc.
John-Ting Li (Co-founder) won 1st in the Big Think Competition
Left to Right: Baraka (Head Developer), John (Co-founder), Kristin (International PR Manager)

Lecture Day: D-Camp and Founder of Daum


Lecturer: Taekkyung Lee (이택경)

Founder and Former CTO of Daum

Present CEO of MashUp Angles

About Seed Round Investment

This week we received wonderful advice from Taekkyung Lee (founder of Daum) about Seed Round Investments in a meeting at D-Camp. His valuable advice covered many things from how to choose the right investors to wisely selecting the right time to fundraise.